Aaron Thompson

10,000 Angels


Expressing a passion for the Lord and an earnest desire to praise God, 10,000 Angels proves to be an uplifting musical experience. Inspirational lyrics and an exceptional, soulful sound drive Aaron Thompson's latest release.

Turn the Page

From fun and funky to heartfelt and soulful, Aaron Thompson’s high energy and deep faith shine through each and every note of his music. Let Aaron’s infectious melodies and thoughtful texts draw you in to the wonderful and inspirational messages of his ministry. Now available from GIA’s new label “Disciple Records”.

Mystical Radical God

.Mystical Radical God has a west coast sunny feel with optimistic songs like the celebratory intimate "Bask In Your Sunlight" and the splash of images that make up the breezy "Wayo". Highlights include "Salt" which feels like a Gospel version of "Love Train" with its shout out to Christians around the world. "You Are Free" retells some Gospel encounters of Christ whilst "Dwell" is a plea for God to transform our lives which breaks out in the middle into fun rock'n'roll. ...Sometimes it's a good thing to listen to an album with a pure message, simple songs and an intensity designed to stir your heart. Personally I wish there were more albums that sought to minister, present good solid music rather than some of the lightweight stuff that emanates from Music City...