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The Music Director-Youth Minister Paradigm: Bridging the Gap 

Description: "With over a decade of experience of working with Life Teen and Youth Programs, Aaron Thompson elucidates a paradigm for creative and satisfying collaboration between the parish's music ministry and youth programs.  How does a music director successfully work with youth ministers trained and energized by ministry models driven by Christian radio and Worship Music?" 

- Fishing for the Heart of the Family


 Description: "Father of four, Aaron Thompson uses his 15 years experience as a Dad and full-time Pastoral Musician and Minister in bringing to life questions and answers to the challenges and contradicitions of ministering successfully and authentically to Catholic families"

- The Grieving, Restless, Struggling Music Minister

Description: "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle"- Philo of Alexandria"Recognizing our needs.  Ministering to those who suffer, g rieve.  Struggling with addictions and seeking holiness.  Breaking away from the 'perfectionist' lie."

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Concert & Speaking Booking Information


For more information on booking Aaron Thompson for a Concert or Speaking engagement, please contact us with request.  Aaron has traveled to many different places from Catholic World Youth Day-Canada to Poland and over all the United States! The Press/Reviews page provides additional insight on what Aaron will bring to your event.



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